People may straighten their teeth for a number of reasons, including appearance, ease of cleaning, speech problems, a traumatic bite, gum damage or tooth wear.

Dr Joanne Tseng is a general dentist who has a keen interest in orthodontic treatment for both children and adults. For children, assessments may be done from between age 7-9 when the majority of the front adult teeth have erupted in order to prevent severe cases from developing over time.

We offer a range of options for straightening teeth and preventing orthodontic problems, including:

  • Orofacial myology, an early intervention option to help train the facial muscles and correct issues such as mouth breathing, an open bite or thumb sucking
  • Appliances such as plates or palatal expanders, which are used while a child is still growing to help to make space for erupting teeth or correct jaw disharmony
  • Traditional braces with either metal or porcelain brackets with 4-6 weekly adjustments to align the teeth
  • Invisible braces using Invisalign clear plastic aligners

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