Philips Zoom: Take Home Whitening

Take home whitening involves taking impressions to customise bleaching trays. Once the trays have been fabricated we will issue them to you and educate you on how to apply the whitening gel at home. Results are usually obtained in approximately 10 days.

Returning customers will also receive a free ‘take home whitening gel tube’ (normally valued at $25) at each 6 monthly clean.

Advantages of Take Home Whitening

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • If you have sensitivity to whitening, you can do this at your own pace
  • You can control the results

Disadvantages of Take Home Whitening

  • You must carry out the bleaching process in your own time
  • It is not an instant whitening procedure – results will be noticed over days
  • Bleach does not change the colour of fillings, crowns or veneers



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