Intravenous Sedation


Intravenous Conscious Sedation (IV Sedation) is an option at Newtown Elite Dental that allows dental treatment to be performed while you are under the influence of a sedative medication administered through your arm.  It induces a state of deep relaxation so although it will feel like you’re asleep, you will still remain conscious and you will also be able to understand and respond to instructions. You will feel no pain during the dental treatment and you won’t remember anything once the effects of the medication have worn off.

Here at Newtown Elite Dental all sedation is conducted by an Anaesthetist to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness to our patients.


Is IV Sedation right for me?

– Do you suffer from Dentophobia?

– Are you anxious about having complex or invasive dental treatment?

–  Do you have a severe gag reflex which may prevent you from receiving dental care?

– Do you wish to have multiple treatments completed at one visit?

IV sedation is also ideal for patients who wish to avoid the noise and vibration that is common during routine dental cleans and restorations.

Contraindications for IV Sedation

While IV Sedation is safe, it might not be the right choice for you. Our dental team will conduct an assessment to determine if any contraindications may apply.

To find out more about treatment under IV Sedation and whether this is a suitable sedation method for you, call Newtown Elite Dental 02 9519 6098 today!



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